Cooling tower

In the cooling tower, excess heat from technical processes is dissipated by evaporating water. In order to counteract the thickening of the water during evaporation, and to ensure the hygiene of the cooling water, JUMO can provide the corresponding measurement and control technology. By monitoring the measurands conductivity, turbidity, and pH value the quality of the cooling water is ensured.

Our solution for the cooling tower

Clean solution for top cooling water

Complete measuring and automation technology for cooling water treatment

As a system supplier, JUMO provides plate-mounted measurement and control technology for evaporative cooling towers. You can thereby have the measurands conductivity, pH value, and turbidity under control at a central point. If required, chlorine or bromine can also be measured. It is also possible, of course, to record the measured values in a tamper-proof manner. JUMO control technology controls the desalination process and the dosing of biocide or disinfectant. Here a flow monitor ensures the continual circulation.