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By working with consultant and auditor Markus Milde, we offer customers in the thermoprocess technology a powerful overall solution for consulting, auditing, instrumentation, and calibration. We can assist with sensor replacement, perform Instrumentation Tests (INST) and System Accuracy Tests (SAT), and investigate Temperature Uniformity Surveys (TUS). In addition, we offer consultation on CQI-9 (heat treatment), CQI-11 (galvanic), CQI-12 (surface coating), CQI-29 (hard-soldering), and AMS2750 (pyrometry).


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Solutions for thermoprocess technology

Glass, ceramic, clay, and steel are materials we encounter every day. However, those who are not involved in this industry can hardly know the requirements that the furnaces have to meet and the kinds of extreme process conditions they have to withstand during manufacturing and processing. JUMO is aware of your challenges as a manufacturer. We support you as a partner and provide you with fast solutions for the control, regulation, monitoring, recording, and visualization of temperature.