Temperature and pressure monitoring in the cooling zones

Temperature and pressure monitoring

Several cooling zones exist in the cylindrical conical tanks which ensure that the green beer is circulated during storage by using different temperatures. For this purpose it is necessary to know and control the precise temperature of the individual cooling zones. To control the leak-tightness, it is necessary to measure the pressure in the pipelines of the cooling circuit.

Recommended solution for temperature and pressure measurement in tank cooling

Optimum conditions in the cooling zone

Our solution for temperature and pressure monitoring

The temperature must be exactly right in the cooling zones of the fermenting and storage tank, which is why this is measured and controlled using an RTD temperature probe and a JUMO dTRANS T1000 temperature sensor in conjunction with the JUMO diraTRON controller. Furthermore, the JUMO dTRANS p30 pressure transmitter monitors the pressure in the pipelines to ensure the leak-tightness.

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