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From energy and air-conditioning technology to building automation – intelligent and highly-efficient measurement and automation technology is in demand in all areas. Our system solutions meet all requirements for automation, networking, and digitization. In addition, they easily master the energy transition and can be individually tailored to your needs through JUMO Engineering. Visit us at the ISH and see for yourself!

Worldwide process monitoring with JUMO

Worldwide process monitoring with JUMO

Flexible and safe process monitoring

Smart JUMO solution for energy-efficient processes

Energy flexibility plays an important role in building technology as well as in industrial and regenerative plants. Different energy sources must be orchestrated efficiently and the available energy distributed sensibly according to demand. The JUMO Cloud and the JUMO smartWARE family provide sophisticated systems for seamless control and visualization of energy management. Access is browser-based and possible from any location so that multiple plants, processes, or sites can be safely monitored and controlled in a single dashboard.

JUMO variTRON 500 touch

All-rounder for achieving high control quality

The implementation of complex measurement, control, and automation solutions is now even easier with the new JUMO variTRON 500 touch. After all, a flexible connection to existing applications is easily possible due to the support of numerous fieldbus systems. The touch panel and central processing unit are located in one device and can be operated intuitively through straightforward user interfaces.

JUMO variTRON 500 touch

Touch panel with integrated central processing unit for the automation system

Push-in temperature probe with digital sensor

Push-in temperature probe with digital sensor

Important step towards the future

Push-in temperature probe with digital sensor

Our soon-to-be-released push-in temperature probe with digital sensor is one of the extremely few sensors on the market that measures digitally. It can then transmit the measurement result directly. The temperature signal can be emitted without additional conversion. As a result, the temperature probe can be used in a flexible manner. It can also be easily integrated into existing sensor landscapes and applications.
The required insertion length is a minimum of 45 mm and a maximum of 500 to 1000 mm. The line length is selectable to an upper limit of 3000 mm (standard). The data itself is transmitted via I²C signal.

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JUMO hydroTRANS JUMO hydroTRANS Humidity and temperature transmitter
  • Precise humidity and temperature measurement
  • Flexible application
  • Easy installation
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